Bo Hickman

Rancher from Molalla


A rancher who has his ranch out in Molalla, but lives closer to Portland. He does well for himself and comes from a line of ranchers so he is in charge of the family business. He shares the responsibility with his brother Shawn, but is known as the pretty one in the family so Shawn resents him for it. I see him being good with animal empathy, riding, rope work, and that kind of stuff, he can drive a tractor and other ranching equipment and does a lot of work himself despite the fact that he could have one of his ranch hands do the job for him. He likes to get his hands dirty. Besides all this he is an excellent scrapper. Growing up he was known as a punk who would for fun get into wrestling matches and fights at school, so he wasn’t the most popular, but he got away with it because of his charm.


Bo Hickman

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